25 January 2011

How To Lime Wash Or Paint Timber Floors

To get a similar look to some of the beautiful timber floors below, visit your ship chandler (a specialist retailer for ship equipment) and ask about using marine paints, suitable primers and sealers.
Marine paint is a more expensive option, this will leave you with a very durable surface that will take a lot of wear and tear and will last for years.

Lime washing floorboards is another great option- our personal favourite!! What you want to achieve is a translucent coating that soften the appearance of the bear timber boards. Once again get some professional advice before you do anything. The floorboards will need to be cleaned or sanded, depending on their condition, primed and then given several coats of lime wash- the effect is beautiful!!!

See some examples of lime washed or painted timber floors below which we think look amazing!
The above photo was taken by me on a terrace project I worked on in Paddington, Sydney- these lime washed timber floors were selected from an old barn in America….and they look absolutely stunning!!!
crisp white gloss painted floor boards- these look fantastic!
Another great interiors with white painted floor boards!
Let us know what you think of the white painted or white washed floor boards.
j-b x

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